The Hemorrhoid Clinic

When it comes to the Treatment of Hemorrhoids, We are Super Specialized and Versatile!

Most anal conditions are mistaken for hemorrhoids by physicians and patients alike. Persistent problems with painful anal conditions are largely due to misdiagnosis. Our ability to diagnose the underlying problem is what makes us different. Accurate diagnosis is the first step that will put you on the road to recovery. Our specialization in the operative and non-operative treatments is what makes us versatile. One treatment fits all is only a myth and a campaigning strategy.

Millions of Americans suffer from painful anal conditions often self diagnosed as hemorrhoids. A vast majority have continue to suffer having failed or only had temporary relief from over the counter hemorrhoid creams. Often times they are plagued with the fear of cancer or reconcile with the fact that this is something they have to put up with the rest of their lives. They suffer with bouts of agonizing pain, worrisome bleeding and anxiety. These symptoms are largely ignored and considered to be innocuous hemorrhoids by patients and physicians alike. This is the reason that we established the Hemorrhoid Center to promote awareness and provide immediate and effective care of these silent and condemned sufferers.

Ano-rectal conditions such as fissures, fistula, abscess, warts, polyps, prolapse of the rectum or even cancer of the anus or rectum can mimic hemorrhoids. As all these conditions can present with similar symptoms such as pain, bleeding, itching, burning, mucus discharge and swelling. This leads to failed treatments and occasionally results in delayed diagnosis of cancer with disastrous consequences.

Small hemorrhoids with minimal symptoms can be managed conservatively. The causes of hemorrhoids include

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Straining to have bowel movements
  • Sitting on the toilet for prolonged periods of time and reading on the toilet
  • Over use of laxatives and enemas
  • Other causes include aging, hereditary propensity, pregnancy and delivery, over which we have very little control.

Small hemorrhoids with minimal symptoms may be treated by consuming a fiber rich diet and changing the toilet habits. Fiber supplementation with Konsyl, Metamucil or any over the counter psyllium products can be tried. People who have significant abdominal bloating, discomfort and flatulence with dietary fiber or fiber supplements may try starting with small doses of fiber/ fiber supplements and incrementally increase the dose. If intolerable bloating and flatulence are associated with psyllium based fiber supplements,  synthetic fiber supplements such as Citrucel can be tried.

The common office based procedures for symptomatic hemorrhoids include:

Helpful Instructions and Fiber Guide