Fecal Incontinence

Bowel incontinence affects about eighty million adults in the US, an estimated 8.3%. It is not a normal process of aging and you do not have to live with it. There are new and better choices available. You do not have to be a toilet dweller; there is hope for relief now. Call us now at 770-495-0799 for the options best suited for you.

Learn more about Fecal Incontinence - Its causes and conservative management.


Sacral Nerve Stimulation

When the other conservative measures have failed, sacral nerve stimulation may be an option. Only a doctor can assess whether sacral nerve stimulation is suitable for you. You and your doctor can do the test stimulation without making a big commitment. Consult our colon and rectal surgeon to see if you are a candidate for sacral nerve stimulation. Learn more about Sacral nerve stimulation.

If you need help with your device, please call Medtronic at 1-800-328-0810 and/or consult Medtronic’s website at http://www.medtronic.com/bowel.

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Solesta is an injectable outpatient product, used in the treatment of fecal incontinence in patients 18 years and older,  who have failed conservative therapy (diet, fiber therapy, anti-motility medications). It is an office based procedure that does not require any anesthesia. Learn More about Solesta.

Other Surgical Options


Sphincteroplasty is a procedure that is performed to reconstruct the sphincter after trauma or injury such as child birth. The effects of this procedure is highly variable and it wanes with time.


This is when part of the colon is brought to the surface of the abdomen. This abdominal entrance to the colon is called a stoma. A bag is attached to this stoma.